Machinist Handbook -Shop Calculator app is available in the Apple AppStore

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The app includes a lot of information and calculations required in every day machine shop use.

 Note: This is not the Machinery's Handbook. The majority of info in this Machinist Handbook app is not in the Machinery's Handbook. And like-wise, the majority what is found in Machinery's Handbook is not useful for machinists and is not likely to be in this App.

The following is what we provide.

  • Tapping, drill sizes, feeds speeds for various materials including roll form taps.

  • Three-Wire Thread Measurement including Buckingham Involute Helicoid Formula (Exact Formula) found no where else.

  • Combination Drill & Countersink depth calculator from #00 through #10

  • Spot Drill Depths for various tool angles.

  • Chart of Collet types, sizes used in CNC Milling holders ordered from best to worst.

  • Cusp height calculation for ball nose end mills with RMS values.

  • SFM to RPM and vise versa based on cutter diameter.

  • Sine Bar / Sine Plate calculation.

  • Gage Block Stack Height List, can be used with the sine bar calculator.

  • Bolt Circles

  • Right Triangle

  • Cubic and square roots

  • Material Hardness

  • Material Machinability

  • Heat Treat Growth

  • Weight of basic shapes (angle, rectangle, hex, round, pipe, tube) per material and length, good for planning and quoting.

  • Plating and Anodizing specifications with size change for build up.

  • Schedule Pipe sizes.

  • Sheet Metal Gages.

  • Thermal Expansion of materials.

  • Chamfer Mill calculator to achieve desired chamfer size.

  • Reaming Drill Size with hss reamer feed and speeds for common materials.

  • Basic fastener dimensions and clearances for socket head cap screws (SHCS), flat head, low head and shoulder / stripper bolts..

Get it here.

Get it here.


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